Solo Jaxon is not okay, but this song and video is fire

Little Rock native, Los Angeles transplant, Solo Jaxon delivers a high energy visual to match his latest Idle Kid-produced release ‘I’m Not Okay’. Set in Hollywood, the Maniac By Design directed film takes you on a day-in-the-life tour. It’s no walk in the park but that’s what makes it so enticing to listen to and watch.

Idle Kid’s notorious dark-sounding production is multilayered in booming drums and an infectious synth melody that loops throughout the second half of the song. Idle Kid and Solo are very close friends, and that cohesiveness shows on record. Solo’s favorite artist of all time is Kendrick Lamar, so you can imagine he isn’t one for lackadaisical bars. The first line of the song is “They say the first step is admitting you have a problem right?”. ‘I’m Not Okay’ shows he’s open and honest about the trials and tribulations that got him to where he is. Being influential in rap (and life) is admitting your struggles, and allowing other human beings to watch you succeed, improve, and change.

Little Rock has one of the most slept on scenes in the country, and the fact that most of the major players have taken their talents to Los Angeles shows how serious they are about taking it to the national level. Keep your eyes wide, and your ears open.

More from Solo below:

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