D. Brooks says it’s all “On Me” with new tredyboi1hunna produced banger

Austin’s rising hitmaker D. Brooks has built up a lot of buzz in 2017 off of only 5 songs. He continues the single streak with the tredyboi1hunna produced “On Me”, mixed and mastered by Triga at MIDAS studios in Austin. The rapper/producer pair has turned into quite the combo lately, racking up plays with heavily produced beats and catchy hooks. Their last track, “Gnarly ft. Goon Des Garcons*”, has racked up over 8k listens in 3 weeks.

They certainly got something that works, this song is no different. “On Me” is Brooks at his most boastful, claiming the girls, the drugs, the lean is all on him. A catchy hook is his forte, and he delivers again. ¬†Expect more from the burgeoning duo, as it’s reported tredyboi1hunna will show up all over Brooks’ debut mixtape coming this fall. Can’t wait to hear it, Brooks is definitely coming into his own.

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