Austin’s JahleelFaReal continues his visual push with “Piece N Chain”

Another Austin rapper showing up on Popped Cherry’s radar is JaleelFaReal. He continues his recent visual streak with “Piece N Chain”, the 4th music video he’s released this summer, and the lead track on his recent mixtape 1710.

“Piece N Chain” has that classic Texas sound to it. Produced by Jahleel and the TryCulture collective the dark banging beat and the simple melodic chorus create a song that could be relevant in any era of southern rap music.

“Just another youngin’ on the block
posted up with money in my sock
used to run for hoes and piece n’ chain
just another youngin’ in the game’

The TryCulture produced visual shot by Freddie Robertson, shows off Jahleel in Houston hanging out of an oversized Jeep. The black and white video gives off that classic feel and allows Jahleel to be himself in a video that might be overacted by most rappers. I hope to see his name popping up more and more in Austin and the rest of Texas.


Listen to 1710 below.

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