Goon Des Garcons* “Sore Loser” is for the “fuck ups” and the “failures”

Brandon Burris was tired of losing. Sick of life dictating what direction he had to go, or holding him back from the things he wanted to accomplish. He was determined to end all of that.  The Little Rock (AR) native who goes by Goon Des Garcons* locked himself in Rogue Black Studios in Los Angeles, California for two weeks. Goon was joined by Idle Kid, the Arkansas native who recently had production credits on Kid Cudi’s latest albumand Italian Leather who handled all the mixing. The result of those 2 weeks was a 7 track EP titled Sore Loser.

“This project is technically an EP  but I prefer the term “sonic landscape”. I think you guys might understand why after you listen”, writes Goon Des Garcons*. He’s right, Sore Loser takes its listeners to a specific place in time and space for close to 17 minutes. Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.21.39 AM It’s full of dark beats, dark synths, and heavily filtered lyrics that make us feel just like Goon does, angry at the shit that has gone wrong and determined to make them better. I haven’t had a project make me feel like this since Kanye West’s Yeezus.

Another huge step for an artist bound to blow up soon. You have seen him mentioned a few times on Popped Cherry, and I’m sure this will not be the last. With a small US tour coming this fall, stay tuned for Goon Des Garcons* in your city and more music on the way.

*other production credits on Sore Loser include Boogie Dash, Lil Cobaine and Yuni-Wa*

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