Seattle’s Bentley Browning has a hit with “Bags”

Seattle’s Bentley Browning is slowly making a name for himself with a few records grossing around 10k plays on Soundcloud. He offers good flow, quality content, and a knack for making a catchy song. His recent single”Bags” might be the best one yet, and it’s catching a good amount of buzz online.

More lyrical then most records speaking on the same content, Bentley is able to offer a hip-hop fan everything they want to hear. Witty, clever, and conscious of what separates him from other rappers, Bentley delivers some great bars on “Bags”, followed up by the catchy chorus we all hope for.

The 20 year old rapper has been building his catalog since 2015 and it holds some well slept on tracks. If you like “Bags” check out his newest song “Nice To Meet You” and stay tuned for more from the Seattle up and comer.

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