Cam Murdoch releases striking visuals to “Revival”

Virginia based artist Cam Murdoch drops some visuals to his track “Revival” off of his I Love Me Too mixtape from late last year. Teaming up with director Dawit N.M, the duo delivers a thought provoking visual that takes the song to another level.

The record itself is full of bounce and has plenty of pop elements in the production, a sound Cam delivers consistently with his music. His melodies in the hook blend well with his verse, and it’s impressive how he balances what feels like an upbeat song with issues that are much deeper then they appear.

Cam and Dawit share their motive behind making the video below.

“I wanted to express the feeling that life is incomplete without death and that we are looking to feel whole in life but may not get there in one life time. I tried to exemplify that my death could be a cause for mourning for the things I’ve left behind but also a cause for celebrating that I am freed from this prison of living. The duality of life and death.” – Cam Murdoch

“My main motive for making this film was to spread awareness of domestic abuse. I wanted to show the drastic consequences and how common it is to be in an abusive relationship. With the use of two different styles of film aesthetic, colorful and black & white, I wanted to show how dull life is when one is in a relationship and how colorful and full of life it could be once one gets out of one. Unfortunately, for the girl in the film, she got out of it the worst possible way, by death.” – Dawit N.M.


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