The Bishops return with a beautiful record titled “Constellation”

What makes The Bishops unique isn’t just the fact that the group is made up of 3 siblings, but that Cara Bishop and her brother Chris are equally talented floating over brother Troy’s production. No verse outdoes the other, but each verse could stand alone and still create a great song. Nothing exemplifies this better than their new record titled “Constellation”, their first group release since last year. Trust me, it’s a good one.

Troy Bishop sets the tone on this record with a wavy uplifting synth driven by an updated twist on a classic boom bap feel. Lyrically speaking, it seems like the gap between releases has allowed Cara and Chris to grow and become more confident in the creativity behind how they deliver their vocals. Something I always see live from the trio, but a noticeable change on record in my opinion. The siblings have obviously grown, and the content backs that up.

The Bishops are combining their success on Spotify (nearly 17k listeners a month) with a strong local fan base, setting themselves up for major success in the coming months. They’ve played almost every large stage/venue in Austin but nothing is bigger than what they have coming up. You can catch The Bishops performing at Austin’s famous Austin City Limits festival in early October.

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