Kicc- Masquerade (Prod. Kicc & Kissko)

Kicc is an underground artist from Dallas Texas who has been writing for 5 years and  began producing his own hits in 2015. Kicc is a part of a collective called PMG, better known as Peddler Money Gang Records. Which is a self made record label based out of San Antonio Texas. When Kicc first entered the game, he was strictly lyrical. As times changed he discovered a new way to get his message across without it becoming a lecture. Last year after he was shortly released from jail, kicc got straight to work and even got to display his talent by opening up for 21 savage. The artist dropped dead weight and instantly went up. Dropping videos left and right, and doing over 1k in less than 24 hours kicc decided there was no stopping him.

Kicc also just released his video for “Bigfoot” ft Lil $ega which was shot and directed by Reel Bump. Keep your eyes open for more hits and visuals from the 22 year old artist followed by his team, Peddler Money Gang Records.



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