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Meet DONTHYPEME a Photographer On His Way Up

San Antonio native DONTHYPEME has really grown as a photographer/visual artist and just like everyone else he had to start somewhere. His journey so happened to start at a party, and from then on it was all uphill. Showing his face and being present at every function Hype has paved his own way to being the official cameraman for Cash Money’s newest R&B sensation Jacquees.


Just coming off tour with Tory Lanez and Jacquees
Hype has proved himself by making things happen for himself from house parties, to big events Hype has showed himself by working hard and proving anything could happen at anytime. Capturing moments (like when Jacquees and Tory Lanez squashed the beef they had) and his photos being published by some of our favorite websites like The Fader, Complex, and many others. Hype has definitely grown. And I got a chance to do an interview with him.

Tell us where it all started for you?

“I was in 10th grade when I started to get into photography. A couple of homies from another school who I used to see around at parties and other events always had cameras and would take dope pictures. I seen how people responded to that and decided I wanted to start shooting pictures, it made people smile and that was dope to me. I tried getting into my school’s photography class but I played basketball and the class didn’t match my schedule so I couldn’t do it, but I had talked to the photography class teacher and she seen how serious I was about it and started letting me take the camera home, I think I was telling her I was going to basketball games to shoot, but really I was taking pictures at parties.”


When Did you get your first camera ?

“I think I was like 16 my mom got me this small Nikon camera it had like a zoom on it but you couldn’t change the lens so I think I just put it to the side, I used it for like a month . Then for Christmas she got me a canon t2i, I didn’t really use it at first until I started seeing the video quality of it, my homie Dante had the same camera he was just more into technology and showed me how to properly use it.”

What made you grow into photography and visuals?

“When I started seeing the progression I was making I wanted to learn more and keep going. I always liked to brand people, to make people look good.”


You’ve grown so much and you’re now Jacquees camera man, how is that and what have you learned?

“It’s dope, I like the level of work that it comes with. I like having to perform at a higher level. You learn a lot when you’re around other creatives all the time.”

Who have you worked with other than Jacquees?

“I did some work for The Private Club, really made a name locally I was just taking dope pictures of artists at shows and places I was at.”


Is there anyone you would really like to work with?

“Photography wise and visuals wise — Dan Folger — George Jeff. Out of LA — Uncle Leff out of ATL — I wanna work with Wiz too , all his visuals dope .”

What are your goals for 2017?

“I wanna really focus on this business aspect of the industry, start developing my production team, and I want to drop a short film sometime in 2017.”

Advice for anyone trying to get paid for photography and visuals ?

“Be knowledgeable about the craft, be serious about your time, and keep working hard make sure you’re progressing the money is always gonna come when the hard work is there.”

With that being said, don’t be surprised when you see more of DONTHYPEME because he is here to stay.

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