22 Dee – Death Of 22

We need you guys to get familiar with upcoming rapper 22 Dee, because he caught our attention with his most recent project “Death Of 22” which features 10 tracks filled with melodic bangers. If you want to get away from the mumble gangsta rap shit press play to this a locate your lighter and just vibe out. Press play down below and tell us what you think.

Jake Sand Exclusively Delivers A Jay Storm Track Titled “Safe” Produced By SHOKI

Hailing from Charlotte one of my favorite quickly uprising artist Jay Storm is putting pressure on your favorite rapper. Just recently Jake Sand exclusively blessed the streets with a Jay Storm banger titled “Safe” which will make you a instant Jay Storm supporter. Go ahead and stream the latest offering down below and tell us what you think.

Goon Des Garcons* – Perfect Blue (Prod. TRYPTA)

So let’s talk about Goon Des Garçons and how much works he’s been putting in. Considering he traveled oversees to do a tour and gain more fans, he’s now back in LA going even harder than what he was because he wants y’all to hear him. He recently blessed us with this infectious new track titled “Perfect Blue” and this contagious track might just be my new summer anthem, because who doesn’t like money anthems right? Go ahead and stream his latest offering down below and make sure you get familiar with Goon Des Garçons I promise you’ll be seeing his name a lot more often.

BIGBABYGUCCI – Hypnotized (Official Video)

Directed By: Reel Bump
Produced By: Bobby Johnson

It is safe to say that BIGBABYGUCCI deserves way more attention that what he’s been getting, because he’s definitely been putting in the work. Not to mention everything he drops is a banger. Just recently he dropped a brand new eye catching visual for his infectious new track “Hypnotized” produced By Bobby Johnson, and if you don’t already have it in your playlist you need to go ahead and add it. BIGBABYGUCCI and Reel Bump make a great team when it comes to the visuals because Bump really brings his tracks to life. Go ahead and stream the brand new visual up above and get familiar with BIGBABYGUCCI because I’m telling you right now he’s up next.

SPOTLIGHT: BasedSavage Drops His Highly Anticipated EP “BasedLantastan”

Atlanta rapper BasedSavage has blessed the streets with his 7 track EP titled “BasedLantastan” featuring some dope upcoming underground artist like Tony Shhnow, J $tash, and Destroy Lonely. The project gives you a gritty ass dark vibe that makes you want to jump in a mosh pit. Especially because BasedSavage grabbed some fire producers. Go ahead and stream his latest offering down below and let us know what you think.

NoGum Hundo Blessed Us With His New Project “OGYN 1.5”

Most people already know about the next Atlanta legend NoGum Hundo and for the ones who aren’t need to wake up. Just a few days ago Hundo blessed the streets with a 19 track project featuring some dope upcoming artists. Hundo always brings the heat and deserves all the credit, because he’s really out here putting work. Go ahead and press play down below and let us know what you think.

Q&A with Dennis: Meet One Of The Creators Behind The Next Most Seen Brand Good Guy

In today’s society, being authentic and up front about what you have to say is rare, and most can’t handle it. But, today I am going to be discussing a twitter legend. Prominent for always speaking his mind and allowing others to feel comfortable and confident in doing the same, he goes by the name of Dennis formerly known as @OGBEARD on Twitter. Being that his account got suspended he bounced back with a new twitter and within months gained his followers right back like nothing ever happened. Talk about the GOAT.

We consider Dennis an influencer and role model, and we would like for you to get familiar with his quickly rising brand, Good Guy, which he started with his brother just a few years ago. You can literally catch your favorite rapper, basketball player, social media star, instagram model, and even your WCW/MCM wearing the Good Guy brand. If you aren’t familiar with it, we are here to put you on. I was able to ask Dennis just a few quick questions because I wanted to make this short and sweet, and so you can get to know him for yourself.

Read our Q&A down below:

How did your brand come about & what’s the meaning behind the logo?

“The brand came about actually back in 2012 when my brother who is also my business partner Taquil Mason (@goodguyquil on IG) wanted to make a change from the life we were living. I’m from a small town where it’s real easy to get caught up in all the bullshit around it. With everybody knowing everybody there it’s not hard to mess up. We both always receive questions about the logo. He is not a specific person nor does he have a name. He’s more of an ironic image. The “Good Guy” back then always had similar features. Look at Batman and Superman. Middle aged, dark hair, nice glasses, nice smile. A Good Guy. Usually after telling them the name of the brand after seeing the logo they get it. But, he’s more of an ironic image not only because me and my brother are black but also because you don’t have to look like the Good Guy to have good intentions, hence us.”

You opened up your first store for Good Guy in Allentown, PA. How does that feel?

“It was a great feeling honestly! The support in the hometown is unmatched. It’s in a good part of the city as well. It feels like a lounge at times which is cool.”


What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs trying to bring their vision to life?

“Honestly, It’s a different path for everybody you just gotta do what feels right and works for you. Just make sure you give it your all. Some people just do it for some quick cash which waters it down for the people actually trying to take their business to the highest level possible. There’s also the scammers too that make it hard for people to wanna buy something online to begin with. Interaction is key as well. The key to loyal customers. More people wanna see you win than lose.”

We’ve noticed you’re real popular with the ladies, do you consider yourself to be a good guy amongst the women? And what does it take to be a good guy?

“Haha, yeah I guess I consider myself a Good Guy when it comes to women. Most of these guys are just too weird tho. It’s really easy to just kick back and chill that seems to be what women like.”

What should we expect from you in the future?

“You’ll see but thank you for having me!”

Go ahead and visit the Good Guy brand via twitter and IG @GoodGuyMIA and keep a lookout for Dennis he really has more things up his sleeve that he just announced on Twitter yesterday.  Keep up with him on Twitter @GOODMIAD and IG @__beard

‪Jidé & JayySmoove – ALADDIN (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬

Directed By: @UrbanClou3
Produced By: JPSoundz

Now we like making sure you guys get familiar with dope upcoming artists. So here are two, Jidé and JayySmoove linked up to bless the streets with this infectious melodic banger titled “Aladdin” and then returned with a matching set of visuals allowing us to visually see how dope they are. Check out their official video for “Aladdin” up above and get familiar with them.

BANDBOY KHEEZY Delivers 2 Brand New Tracks

Hailing from the Southside of Atlanta, BANDBOY KHEEZY is bringing all the heat this summer and we are anxious for more. He just blessed us with 2 brand new tracks titled “Reaper” and “Redrum” which will probably make you an instant supporter. These bangers were both produced by Sauron, adding his gritty sound to Kheezy’s intense flow these two mesh well together. Go ahead and press play down below and let us know what you think.

T$A Mel – What You Talking Bout (Official Video)

It’s finally here, T$A Mel finally blessed us with his highly anticipated visual for his track “What You Talking Bout” and this track will make the speakers in your car knock. Check out his latest offering up above and tell us what you think, and make sure to get familiar with Mel because this won’t be the last time you guys see him on our pages.

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