BPace Drops His Dope New Visual For “Off Nights”

Directed By: BPace & Raw Media
Produced By: TrellGotWings

BPace doesn’t get enough credit for the amount of work he puts in. With “Backwoods & Burritos 2” being released he has proved why he’s up next, because every song on the project is a slapper. Today BPace delivered a dope new visual for his track “Off Nights” delivering an infectious flow Raw Media and BPace really brought this song to life. Go ahead and stream the visual up above and let us know what you think.

Swanny Ivy Delivers An Eye Grabbing Visual For “Bad”

Shot/Edited by: @DavieDavee
Directed by: CLEF & Swanny Ivy

Whoa, Swanny Ivy recently blessed us with a crisp new visual titled “Bad” and we just had make that we featured it here on our Popped Cherry page. Swanny Ivy works silently and when he drops something it’s a gem. This visual for “Bad” literally brought the song to life, and if you aren’t already familiar with Swanny well I suggest you check out his latest offering up above and let us know what you think, and keep your eyes open because this won’t be the last time you see him featured on our page. He’s got some more heat on the way.

KeithCharles Spacebar — Thank You, Tracee Ellis Ross (Official Video)

Come take a swim with LITTLE PISCES BABY.

Atlanta producer and rapper, aka former member of Awful Records, KeithCharles Spacebar, did it on us again with ‘Thank You, Tracee Ellis Ross‘, reinforcing his exclusive imprint on Atlanta’s underground sound.

The bridged duality between Alicia Keys’ legendary ‘Feeling U, Feeling Me (Interlude)‘ and Prophet Posse’s ‘Game F*cked Up‘ enables us to tap into a new expanse of musical awareness. KeithCharles makes this tricky concept look & sound like child’s play, amidst his impeccable producing ability.

The visual for ‘Thank You, Tracee Ellis Ross‘ takes us through some reminiscent and nostalgic Southern feels, showing KCSB riding in a slab, relishing and appreciating favorable memories, along with the occasional flashes of ever so graceful Tracee Ellis Ross, putting significance on the authentic allure following the vision.

Be sure to check out more of KeithCharles Spacebar on Apple Music, Spotify & other major streaming services.

Watch ‘Thank You, Tracee Ellis Ross‘ below:

Octavian (feat. Sam Wise) — 100 Degrees

No one is coming for Octavian‘s top spot and that’s a fact.

Southeast London raised artist, Octavian, is wrapping up & shipping out a whole new wave of fortifying flows. Down to the simplistic stride matched with his divergent tone and accent, his sound is unparalleled and quite superlative. His cadence along with all of the above creates a catchy tune that has the ability to bust down any door that he desires.

Sam Wise, member of the House of Pharaohs, based out of South London as well, is also featured on this scorching anthem. With that being said, us listeners are being led that much closer to heart of the Southeast London underground.

Feelin’ like the Don Dada” — both artists exude an unsurpassed level of natural self confidence, assuring you that you will not be sleeping on them for much longer at all.  The skills of these two artists combined thoroughly presents to us their true functionality and ability, which is essential for extensive growth in their careers.

Octavian & Sam Wise don’t come to disappoint, as you will be spotting them much more in the coming months of 2018. Also, be sure to check them out on Apple Music & Spotify.

Take an unprecedented trip through ‘100 Degrees‘ below:

Houston artist .@Blvck_Rosee drops a hot new mixtape “No Discussion”

“The name Is BlvckRosee Aka Rosee Im From Houston, Tx . (5th Ward) Music Been My Get A Way From Life. Most People Wouldn’t Understand The Name Of The My Mixtape “No Discussion” Because The Way I Live My Life. The Reason I Called It “No Discussion” Was To Let Peoplet Understand That Everything In Your Life You Dont Have To Let Everybody Know Your Every Move Or Plan To Succeed In Life So I Just Wanted To Tell A Little Story About Me ! I Am The CEO Of Becoming Rich Brand (THEBRICHWAY). Its More Than Just The Music … Working With Producers JustDame , JayWave , IcechamberlainTSF”


Tay Money Blesses The Streets With A Brand New Visual “Trappers Delight”

Shot by @DanceDailey
Produced by @ProdByYoungGod

Hailing from Dallas, Texas Tay Money out here putting her heels on your favorite rappers throat showing and proving to the world that she ain’t nobody to play with. Tay literally leaves her supporters wanting more when she drops something, not to mention when she blesses the streets with a song or a visual it does crazy numbers. Just recently she dropped a fire new visual titled “Trappers Delight” and it’s already gotten stuck in my head. Showing no signs of slowing down, Tay Money really out here putting in work leaving us wanting more. Go ahead and stream her brand new visual up above and tell us what you think.

ZOTiYAC – Manny (Official Video)

SHOT BY:  @DONWERD21 & @crowchewy

Too many people are sleep on the dope music ZOTiYAC is blessing us with, so we are here today to put you on. Just recently he blessed the streets with a brand new visual for his song “Manny” which was featured on his most recent project “BLACKBALL” which is currently doing numbers. Not to mention, everything ZOTiYAC puts out is nothing less than great. Go ahead and check him out for yourself and tell us what you think.

PU$$EIDXN — How To Get Your Girl Back

Ever been so in awe of your lover but didn’t know how to translate it accurately enough to describe your true admiration? Well, Miami based musician and producer, PU$$EIDXN,  is giving you the absolute remedy with this track.

Bringing a fresh alternative soprano-R&B tone, PU$$EIDXN is smooth, intimate & versatile, making for a romantic, good-for-the-soul bop that will last for years to come. This track appears on album “Save for a Rainy Day” which debuted in June 30, 2017. Whether playing this track through your headphones or simply riding around in your car, you definitely want to crank the volume. There is a hidden bass line during the chorus which supplements such a unique & raw dimension to the song that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Click on the Fort Nights live performance below to view a larger scope on who PU$$EIDXN is creatively:


Be sure to check out his most recent album titled “For the Love of Pu$$” released Feb 14, 2018 on Apple Music & Spotify to catch more of his waves. Let us know what you think because we can guarantee you will have this one added to your rotation.




Jake Sand Presents Us With “El Fureidis”

Jake Sand is one of the hottest DJs coming out of Detroit right now, he breaks your favorite rappers records and pushes nothing but heat. Not to mention he’s also out here producing bangers and people are still out here sleep. Just recently Jake blessed the underground streets with a 7 track mixtape titled “EL FUREIDIS” featuring some of our favorites such as Lamont, BIGBABYGUCCI, Chxpo, plus many other dope artists. Go ahead and stream the tape down below and tell us what you think.

Cover Art By: @iloveyouoxxy

Children of Zeus — I Can’t Wait

Manchester based duo Children of Zeus (also known as KonnyKon and Tyler Daley) introduced to us their footprint on the British RnB/soul culture after appearing on Balamii Radio in 2017, based out of Southeast London. Upon listening, I was immediately captivated, as they remind me of nostalgic artists from childhood such as Raphael Saadiq, Jon B, Mos Def, De La Soul, Slum Village, and likings of the sort.

This classic 70bpm jam is guaranteed to have you bopping your head. Their melodic and intriguing voices combined with the smooth layering of instruments are a perfect way to enter this sun-filled summer ahead.

I Can’t Wait” appears on their latest EP titled “The Story so Far…” which is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Be sure to check it out in all of its mastered glory.

Go ahead and get familiar with their faces while you’re still ahead in the game. Press play on their latest visual for song “Slow Down/All Night” down below and let us know what you think.

Shot by: Karl John

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