AJ BRAY – She Hate My Hoes

AJ BRAY blessed our mentions with this track I was so sleep on and I fuck with it because it doesn’t sound like everything else that’s out right now the title of the track explains everything “She Hate My Hoes.” The track is upbeat and his flow is on point. Go ahead and wake up by pressing play down below I promise you won’t be disappointed.

L1L RARRI – Shit On Me (Prod. TURNT RIE)

Houston artist L1L RARRI has really impressed us with his most recent visual, not only is it creative af it’s refreshing to the game. His visual for “Shit On Me” is one you don’t want to sleep on. The song is actually just as great, if you aren’t already familiar with L1L RARRI it’s time you become a fan. Go ahead and check out his latest offering up above.

He also recently released “Shit On Me” via SoundCloud which can be heard below.

xxxtentacion – ? (Review)

Love him or hate him, X’s status and one of the game’s most versatile artists to date shouldn’t be debated. In the short span of his career, he’s played with post hardcore, trap, boombap, and alternative indie all at once, encapsulating the emotions of depression with his last offering 17 in multiple styles. His new project “?” (Question, question mark, unknown, idfk) is more stylistic variation, but with a more lighthearted energy. While 17 expressed every ounce of sadness and made you truly feel it, “?” takes a more varied approached, covering a range of topics and styles that are widely different yet somehow still work together.

From the jump X wants to make it apparent that you shouldn’t go into the album expecting one thing, using the opening track Introductions to tell the listener to open their mind to the alternative style. No two tracks are the same or would even make sense in context if this was an album from anyone else, but that’s kind of what makes it interesting. Like, who else would you expect songs like Infinity (888), a classic New York sounding boombap track featuring Joey Badass, and I don’t even speak spanish LOL, a latin pop hit, from at the same time? What I like about X is that he doesn’t seem afraid to explore different territories that other artists labelled under a specific genre like rap maybe wouldn’t, and does it authentically, having it feel more natural than awkward. Floor 555 is probably the closest he’s gotten to his original aggressive lo-fi low-quality sound since he blew up, while Pain = BESTFRIEND is an angry post hardcore track reminiscent of bands like Touché Amore, and Schizophrenia sounds a lot like Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.

The songwriting itself is haphazard throughout the album, but for the most part it’s all pretty good. Moonlight is sonically pleasing and catchy to listen to, but lacks in the substance department lyrically, and while $$$ is my favorite song on the project, it’s most because Matt OX’s hook is SO. DAMN. GOOD. X’s verse is ok, there’s nothing that really catches you like the hook does. (I really hope we get new Matt OX music soon, gahdamn that boy ate). Infinity shows off and unlikely combination that works very well together. Both Joey and X have great chemistry and super strong verses, Joey pulling out the heavy punchlines while X shows off multiple flows and insane syllable work, and this makes me think that the collab project they teased a couple weeks ago would be a lot better than I originally gave it credit for. My least favorite song on the album is probably smash, just because I didn’t really find it interesting to listen to, and I’m not a huge fan of PnB Rock cuz I consider him like a Dollar Tree version of Fetty Wap. I personally feel like the Indie stuff is where x shines, songs like Love Yourself interlude and Changes really hitting you where it hurts in terms of invoking emotion. He’s very good at writing and orchestrating songs that make you feel something, which is part of why 17 was so good, you could really feel what he was trying to convey. X has proven himself to be diverse in that he writing coincides with how he wants the song to feel. He can write a pop hit, a lyrical track, or some heavy shit whenever he really wants to.

In summary, the project is cool. There’s something for a very wide range of people to enjoy, which is different than what a lot of other people are doing right now. It’s a very diverse project that has sounds that maybe some who just knows his hip hop work may not be used to, but if you are open, or are versed in multiple genres like me, you’ll have a strong appreciation for what X is trying to do with it. He’s really pushing his versatility as appeal. Why only push one sound when you enjoy and are influenced by so much more? Listen to it below if you haven’t already.


Freako – Toxic (Visual)

Hailing from Chicago uprising rapper Freako has released a brand new visual via Daily Chiefers. The visual is titled “Toxic” and it’s too dope not to share. Do your research on Freako because he’s got some bangers underneath his belt. Go ahead and stream his latest offering up above and tell us what you think.

Stacy Money – Orange (Prod. Captaincrunch & eera)

Stacy Money has recently blessed the streets with a brand new banger produced by Captaincrunch and eera, titled “Orange” and it slaps. I promise you’ll be hearing Stacy Money a lot more but just know Popped Cherry introduced him to you first if you haven’t already heard his name.

DJ TOPGUN: Smooth Dinero – Klout Demons

While I was searching through SoundCloud I came across this project hosted by DJ TOPGUN titled “Klout Demons” by Smooth Dinero and it’s flames. The 5 track project is definitely worth keeping in rotation. Go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think.

ATX Pre Launch Show & Afterparty is here

RapHQ and C&C Entertainment Firm have released the line up for their action-packed SXSW event. Headliners are Quin NFN, Uncle Murda, Lil Scrappy, Marty Baller,  Slim 400, and more. All of these talents have made a solid name for themselves and are still growing within their respectful music lanes. Slots are still available for artists who want to grow their fan base, send inquiries to rdelara@ccentfirm.com. Make sure to bring your UT school I.D. for a $5 discount. Make sure to check out the other talent that is on the lineup. You never know what new artist you will find that could be the next big thing. Make sure to stop by #AXTSXSW. Get your tickets HERE.

SXSW Austin Event

Mula Kkhan – House Of Pain (Prod. Suni Vega)

I recently ran across this track that caught my attention “House Of Pain” by Mula Kkhan produced by Suni Vega. The track itself is catchy as fuck, especially the production it’s killer. Go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think. You know Popped Cherry never lets you down.

RaelyFLA – Big Bank (Prod. Midas800)

Popped Cherry recently got familiar with uprising Florida artist RaelyFLA because he just blessed the streets with a new banger titled “Big Bank” produced by Midas800 and it’s just too fire not to share with you guys. So go ahead and press play down below because I promise you’ll want to put this in rotation after you listen to it.

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