Premiere: CKent Feat. Leezy Lee & Lil Vyl (Prod. By ATL Nuke & F12)

Atlanta rapper CKent has been consistently delivering dope music from visuals to songs he’s definitely been on our radar and today we are premiering his new visual for “Angles” featuring Leezy Lee & Lil Vyl while everyone crashed their verse ATL Nuke & F12 crashed the beat. Go ahead and get a visual of the song up above and tell us what you think.

Phay Featuring Milu.Wav – Ooh Lala

Hailing from Atlanta Phay is new to us and we are here to make sure that you guys get familiar with him. Just recently he blessed the streets with his infectious new record titled “Ooh Lala” featuring Milu.Wav and when I tell you it’s hard not listen to it twice believe me after you listen to the track once you’re more than likely going to run it back. Go ahead and press play down below and tell us what you think, we don’t want to be handing out tardy passes.

Lil House Phone – Tokyo Goons (Visual)

So I’m mad that I’m just now getting hip to Lil House Phone because this song he just dropped a visual “Tokyo Goons” is too fucking catchy the visual, all the way down to the production of the song all of it is just great. The visual was released not to long ago by No Jumper. Go ahead and get familiar with Lil House Phone he’s going to be your next favorite rapper.

Fury – Triple 7 Rebel (Prod. By Yatchzen)

Fury a Las Vegas native was one of the artists who the streets voted for his song “Triple 7 Rebel” a track where Fury delivers nothing but gritty bars he’s not messing with that mumble rap, he’s delivering bars full force. Go ahead and check him out down below and tell us what you think about the track.

Stunnaman Chas Feat. Dave $tokes – Whenever

Stunnaman Chas is hailing from the good ol’ Louisiana and he’s blessing us with gems just a couple days ago he dropped a brand new track featuring Dave $tokes who also produced their new track “Whenever” and they both killed this shit. The track is definitely worth sharing so Popped Cherry is here to put you on. Go ahead and click play down below and tell us what you think.

DAVID NATION delivers smooth vibes on new song/video “Twinkle” directed by Hype Trilliams

*PREMIERE* – David Nation, the multi-talented artist hailing from Fort Worth, is back with a new single/video titled “Twinkle” directed by Hype Trilliams . You might have heard his name from his buzzing song “Iso” which racked up over 150k plays on Spotify Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.59.01 PMsince its release last year. The self produced single “Twinkle” delivers the real late night R&B vibes you need this time of year. You’ll instantly recognize the melody from the famous nursery rhyme. One of the things that makes melodic artists like Future so great is their ability to take timeless melodies and deliver it with up-to-date content. David Nation absolutely delivers that with “Twinkle”.

Director Hype Trilliams brings a simple visual to life and effectively shows off Nation’s artistry and vision. With only a few locations, the video never gets boring as Nation croons his verses in solitude. Dark room shots with glow in the dark paint on the wall and a light-up sweater deliver a colorful feel. “Twinkle” is all about night time vibes and the visual portrays that well.

Currently working on his upcoming project Death Via Clout, Nation is an artist to keep an eye on. Normally known for hard hitting rap tracks, I was impressed by his ability to switch it up and deliver a good melodic record. He’s able to mix rapping and singing very effectively and has huge hit potential when they come together. His music always comes off as very personal and real, and that will definitely come in handy as he continues to build on his successes. Check out the video below and keep an eye out for his upcoming project right here on Popped Cherry.

Don’t Sleep: Choker – Peak

With the year winding down, I just want to take a moment to show some love to a project that I felt like glossed skipped over by the majority. I found Peak in an article somewhere in like May, and was honestly blown away by the fully developed and organic sound, truly bare and honest lyrics, and a wave of emotion packed into each track. Probably the most interesting part of this album is that it’s Chokers debut, self-produced and self-released. Blending indie pop nuances with a Hip Hop core and some artistic embellishments, Peak has a wide soundscape that reminds me of a lovechild of Frank Ocean and Toro Y Moi with a dash of Joy Division. Chokers spoken word style flow puts you right in the middle of each scenario he describes, pulling you in with scenes of love, heartbreak and growth. The instruments are tightly contained and all over the play at the same time. One moment they can be soft and subtle, and the next you can be hit over the head with beautifully aggressive kick drums and synthesizers, shown in the breakdown in Sunflower and the production on Moshka. If you take the time to listen, this project really checks all the boxes of a good record. I don’t wanna sit here and give you a massive breakdown of the album, that’s not the point of this. I just wanna let everyone know, if you skip this one, you’ve skipping easily one of the best projects of the year.

Montreal’s NEKO is still making hits, the latest is “Stains” prod. by shyguy

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 12.56.36 PMA few months ago we wrote about Montreal’s buzzing underground scene. One of those artists was up and coming rapper Neko. He’s back with a new project, this time with two songs for a compilation project from Club Nuage, a soundwave collective from Quebec.

My favorite of the two tracks is “Stains” produced by shyguy. The beat is wavy and melodic and Neko shows a new style I haven’t heard before. Some introspective lyrics, melodic bars, but still the grittiness I love from Neko. Check it out below, rumor is he’ll be making an appearance at SXSW this year. I hope that’s true.


New Orleans artist .@YungJVZZ telling his path to winning on “Gold Medalist”

Yung JVZZ Gold Medalist tape is for the ones that weren’t suppose to win but worked hard to become more than what they were sought to be. There are testaments to the worth of grinding all throughout this tape. Yung JVZZ shows off his story telling ability on every track. Substance is never lacking from start to finish of this tape. My personal favorites are “Moonroof”, “LateKnight, and “Sleep Walking”. Digest the lyrical art, tell us what you think, and always remember to Stay Alive.

New work from @TheInfamousSDR n #BSS Collective is getting attention

The #BSS collective is back with 2 EP installments. The Apollo EP is food for the soul as it attacks many aspects of your everyday life. Tracks like “Long Days” and “Promise” get in touch with the group’s personal issues. Others like “A.M.” and “Oasis” finds the group showing off their word play. Up next and not least is Plaque that starts off with a knocker “Know Me”. The energy of the tape continues with the next couple of tracks, then takes a cruise vibe progressing into relation situations. Favorite songs from the tape is “Too Soon”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, and “Gnarly”. Overall I feel like the #BSS collective did a great job capturing different relatable aspects. Voice your opinion on the tapes in the comment box below.

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