#FreeGameFridays How To Get Your Music Featured On A Blog

Today’s topic for #FreeGameFridays is going to be short and sweet, today we are going to be talking about how to get your music featured on a blog because some of you lack in this area or may just need some guidance.

So the first step in getting blogs to notice you is, you have to make sure your music is presentable I’m talking about if you’re supposed bmitting a single or a project please make sure you have some cover art made. I’m tired of seeing cover art that has been googled that shit right there ain’t cool that just shows how serious you are about this. Make your music look presentable. Even the visuals, nobody wants to sit there and watch a shitty visual because I know I skip straight through those. If you’re work does not look presentable you won’t be taken serious. The scene is crowded enough.

The next step would be put together a press release for what you’re releasing. Get organized, there’s people out here like us willing to help and guide you. Press releases really make a big difference. Or if you’re not really a big fan of doing it the press release way, create a more personal email introducing yourself and your music. Make the person reading your email feel important. Present your work well, and you might just have that much more of a chance at getting your music featured on wherever you’re submitting to.

Last but not least of many things BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with blogs/bloggers this is probably one of the most important things. Rather than just always sending an email with the link to your work build a relationship so that they can get familiar with you. Build your plugs up.

COMPLX – Weight

Atlanta native COMPLX has impressed us with this catchy ass new track titled “Weight” written and produced by him. The song itself inspires you to step your weight up, as we patiently wait for the visual to drop stream the track down below and get familiar with COMPLX because I promise you will be seeing and hearing more of him.

Yung Fuji – Lxner (Music Video)

Texas City rapper Yung Fuji dropped off a visual for his track Lxner. The hazy xGod.Lifex x Pa$tor Herb$ production nicely complements Fujis flow and style, which he uses to prove why he’s easily up next. Once of the best voices in underground, his consistency and confidence in each of his tracks is steadily pushing him towards success. Check out the video below.

Atlanta’s Kenzie Tarantino continues his buzz with “011”

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 2.46.18 PM

A year full of singles and a few videos has put Atlanta native Kenzie Tarantino on the radars of blogs around the country. This week he releases a single off his upcoming project Samples & A Redd’s, and it’s another solid track. While his bars won’t blow you away, what Tarantino provides is a great ear for beats and songs with some replay value. Produced by Musikal, “011” is a smooth beat allowing Tarantino to lay down some simple verses. A unique voice, with some unique production will go a long way to building a career for Kenzie. I’m excited to hear what is next.

TwoHorizonRA x DC4Prez – Vigilantes

San Marcos rap collective The PNTHN is back at it again with Vigilantes, once more hitting you upside the head with some straight quality. The Por Vida instrumental is super smooth, nicely samples some orchestral sounds, and knocks very hard, serving as the perfect playground for 2 top notch MCs to spit that shit over. The back and forth repertoire between DC and RA on  impeccable, showcasing a strong chemistry that is replicated in almost every PNTHN track. Listen to the new heater below.

Solo Jaxon – Villain

So just recently Solo Jaxon an artist from Little Rock but now making moves in LA has delivered a hard hitting banger titled “Villain” where he showcases his gritty infectious bars, where you have no choice but to give him a listen. Solo isn’t a sound that we are used to today, but as he delivers catchy lyrics he is also building up his fan base. So as we give it to you here first Popped Cherry wants you to get familiar with this dope artist Solo Jaxon. Stream his track down below and tell us what you think.

CKENT Delivers His Surreal EP

Atlanta artist CKENT blessed the streets yesterday with the SURREAL [EP]. His 5 track EP is completely produced by Rob Surreal of NY. The project shows the Young Legend: CKENT’s growth and progression as an artist. He is comfortable on the unique slapping beats and sounding like nobody else before on top of telling his own real story. Get familiar with CKENT and check out his latest offering down below.

SpaceMan Zack – 40 Nights (Visual)

Texas artist SpaceMan Zack delivered a brand new visual with T.Aubrey for this brand banger “40 Nights” and it gives off a really dope vibe. The visual starts off with SpaceMan Zack laying on the floor next to a bottle of Jack Daniels so that right there just tells you what type of night he had. T.Aubrey turned this song into a story with the visual itself. Check out the video up above and tell us what you think.